This project started as a foundation to what we hope is the beginning of an ever growing repository of reproducible projects that can be used to build oneโ€™s business analytics tool box. Your input would be much appreciated, and together, we can build a community where analytics professionals can learn from one another through exchanges of ideas and algorithms.

Here, we will walk you through several ways that you can contribute; however, it is strongly recommended that you first take a look at the list of tools that are implemented in this project on the Resources page, especially Git and GitHub, to better understand the current structure of this platform.

Provide Suggestions for Existing Notebooks

Once you are familiar with Git and GitHub, fork and/or clone any repository, edit the Jupyter Notebook, and propose your changes by creating a pull request. One of our administrators will go through the pull requests on a regular basis and approve the changes as needed.

Alternatively, if you ran into a problem that you cannot solve or if you just have general comments for a specific notebook, you can create an issue within the corresponding repository. Questions will be addressed by one of our administrators periodically.

Participate in the Discussion Forum

We encourage you to use our community discussion forum as a place to engage with others by asking questions and sharing ideas.