UBC Sauder School of Business

UBC Business Analytics Open Learning Resource

Analytics@Sauder is a recent University of British Columbia (UBC) Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) sponsored project. The objective of this Project is to curate a collection of open-source business analytics tools and resources, to promote opportunities for hands-on learning, to foster an online, academic community of business analytics, and to facilitate conversations around data analytics within a broader business context. We hope that the UBC Business Analytics Open Learning Resources can provide a platform of mutual learning: while we hope that this Project can be helpful to business analytics professionals of all skill levels, we appreciate all feedback on our resources so that we can continue to improve what we do. We welcome suggestions, contributions, and collaborations of all kinds.

For Educators

We invite educators to borrow from and contribute to this platform by referring to the various Notebooks for use inside and outside classrooms, providing feedback through our Blog and GitHub, and contacting us with any helpful resources especially data, scripts, and Notebooks. We see Analytics@Sauder as a living learning tool that is constantly evolving and improving. By navigating to the Notebooks page, you can find a collection of Business Analytics Notebooks organized by Topics and Skills respectively. It is organized in this way to help students think about how analytics can be applied to different business domains, and at the same time, practice skills that will aid in the development of business insights. We value any feedback or suggestions for these Notebooks, and we encourage instructors to submit Issues and Pull Requests via GitHub, which you can learn more about on the Resources page.